520. Andy, Kyle Creek & DJ CTI: Driver With Nazi Flag Charged, Reparations For Black Americans & Jeffery Epstein’s Blackmail On Bill Gates


In today’s episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by Kyle Creek. They discuss the 19-year-old U-Haul driver who’s facing multiple charges after crashing into a security barrier near the White House, reparations being pushed in some cities across the US as elections approach, and Jefferey Epstein’s blackmail against Bill Gates that includes an affair with a Russian bridge player.



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Headline 1: Driver with Nazi flag charged with threat to kill or harm president, VP or family member after DC U-Haul crash
Reference 5
Reference 6
Headline 2: Reparations fight roars as some cities push million-dollar payments to Black Americans: ‘Our civic obligation’
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Headline 3: ‘If you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand’: Russian bridge player whose ‘affair with Bill Gates became blackmail-fodder for Jeffery Epstein’ channels Hollywood icon Mae West
Reference 11
Reference 12
Thumbs Up: Dollar General manager chases thief, hits him with her car, video goes viral
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